In selecting a gym floor system, you should consider the many facets of each type of system. Longevity of the surface, as well as the biomechanics and physics of the activities practiced on the surface will be deciding factors. From maple sports, to portable and synthetic courts, each of our flooring systems has a specific role to fill, so please explore all of the options to find the best fit for your particular needs.

Action Floor’s “Airride” Cover System Video


Action Floor Systems is the leading manufacturer of wood flooring products in the world. Whether you require a multi-use court or a dedicated basketball surface, Action maple sports floors are a great option. We’ve designed and installed thousands of maple floors across the country, and we’d love to work with you to create the court of your dreams.


If flexibility is the priority, whether in a convention center, an arena, or a sports stadium, an Action nitro panel portable floor system will be your best option. Most NBA/WNBA arenas employ these modular flooring systems so they can swap out the basketball flooring for another event-specific arrangement.


Action doesn’t just make wood flooring, but also specializes in a multitude of durable synthetic surfaces. From vinyl, to rubber and polyurethane, these materials are incredibly versatile to meet your ever-changing needs.