We are like a lot of other companies. We started small and built from our initial successes. We birthed out of an old flooring company; we evolved and changed over the years to better serve our clients needs. In our early years, we would build a gym floor, and inevitably our clients needed volleyball inserts; so, we started to install inserts for them. They needed gym floor covers, so we started to furnish them gym floor covers. Then it was scoreboards, and so on. We decided it only made sense for us as well as our customers to bring every aspect of our business under one roof. After 100 years of change, we’re still at it, perfectionists who are always trying to become better versions of ourselves.


Over the last 100 years of operation, we have evolved from a simple flooring company, to the go-to for gym floors, from elementary gymnasiums to professional sports arenas, we have built a reputation from the ground up; grass roots and word of mouth is the foundation that we have built ourselves upon. Through years of work we have become this institution that is synonymous with quality gym floors, from design to fabrication and maintenance, we care about our clients and the athletes of the world. This is why we are known as “The Gym People.”

Harv Gifford Is the Face of the MFMA

In April, 2021 Harv Gifford was named “The Spring 2021 Face of the MFMA” (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association), and he participated in an exclusive interview with the Sports Flooring Authority.


At Gifford it’s simple; our work is quality, on time, and always budget conscious. We work with only the best products and materials so we can guarantee that we deliver the highest quality facility for your patrons and athletes. At Gifford we hold ourselves to the highest standards, so you know that all of the providers we work with are vetted to the same degree. Each of our suppliers is the gold standard in their particular industry, and their products reflect that seal.

Together with our years of expertise, our suppliers superior products, and our employees incredible passion for the work, we create The Gifford Difference.

IPI By Bison

IPI by Bison works with Gifford Industries to provide high quality flooring with a wide selection.


Safety at Gifford Industries is the number one priority. We have an incredible on-site track record and aim to keep it like that by investing in our employees attending safety and first-aid classes. We hold regular safety meetings with all employees in attendance so we make sure we are all on the same page. We work hard to never put your facility in any kind of issue when it comes to safety. The integrity of your space along with the safety of our crew and anyone else on the job is of the utmost importance to us at Gifford.


Gifford Industries and the manufacturer usually joint warranty the material and labor. Depending on the type of product, the warranty will vary in its depth and complexity. Many of our products are warrantied for the lifetime of the product. 

MFMA Proud Member

Gifford Industries is a certified member of The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) for our floor care products. MFMA helps support the wood flooring industry by providing resources and technical assistance like grade standards, guide specifications, management practices, and floor care recommendations for wood flooring sealers and finishes. As a certified member of MFMA, our clients can rest assured knowing that our supply is sourced from responsibly managed forests in the U.S. and manufactured to produce some of the highest quality hard maple flooring found on the market today.

I have worked with Gifford multiple times over the years, and I can say from day one they have always been incredibly professional. They really do care about the work that they produce–I have personally seen members of the Gifford team go above and beyond in order to make the job perfect. Every floor installation, repair, maintenance call and consultation was always met with a smile and a bright idea. I would highly recommend them.


When we needed to replace the old floor in the elementary gymnasium, there was only one call I knew to make. Gifford came recommended to us through our sister school down the road, who endlessly sang their praises. They were great collaborators, and in the end we could not be more happy. The kids love their new gym!


We needed a portion of our community center floor replaced after we experienced some water damage from a leaky pipe. We contacted the experts at Gifford. They knew exactly what to do given our situation. The people at Gifford were easy to work with; their knowledgable staff came up with a plan that was creative and within our budget. They were even able to expedite the process of repair and refinishing in time for the big dance. Thanks Gifford!

C. M.